Son of divorced parents, Theo (Maleaume Paquin) would be very happy if his father, Laurent (François Damiens), did not interfere ever in his life. Unemployed for the past two years, short-tempered, the latter lagging behind in the pubs and on the football pitches where his boy loved and gifted training. To give him hope and the “back on track”, Theo tells him that he has just been hired by the club of Arsenal. It ignores the impact that his lie is going to have on his entourage.

Julien Rappeneau had a “blow of heart” for the relationship father-son told Artur Laperla and Mario Torrecillas in their album chart, Dream Team (Ed. New World, 2016). “They trusted me,” recalls the director of Rosalie Blum, who has dubbed his young hero “Ant”. “It is an insect that makes sense in a football team solidarity. I wanted to talk about, links to a family when one of the members picks up after an accident of course. A football club is a space for …

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