Antivirus weekend: Cirque du Soleil, journey to the Faroe Islands and a bit Brodsky

For Windows this spring and here comes summer. To sit at home becoming more and more difficult, but doctors continue to remind us that social distancing and self-isolation — the main weapon in the fight against coronavirus. So you are very upset, “Rosbalt” has prepared for you a selection of interesting events for the coming week!

Travel video

Now all I dream about two things: as soon as possible to go outside and go for a vacation. If at first you can still hope, the second is only a distant fairy tale. We suggest you to travel with travelling-video games. To get from his home to the Faroe Islands with help from the software by Visit Faroe Islands. Players use the joystick to control the journey that makes the trip similar to a video game. Go to the website and watch time till the next round!

Online broadcast performances of the Theater of Satire

For high school students the school year has ended. They do not need to take a final exam, so the Teens with a light heart gone on a protracted vacation. Prevent children from sitting, buried in gadgets, we offer you cultural to diversify their leisure.

for Example, the Satire Theater gives you the opportunity to see several performances to children 12 years of age.

26 may at 19:00 the taming of the shrew

31 may at 19:00 Talents and admirers.

Besides, on the website of the theatre you can also watch videos of performances from past years, including: Auditor, Small comedies of a big house, Wanna play, Moliere, etc.

Cirque du Soleil

And how to entertain younger children? This event is suitable for all ages. Visit the circus without leaving home!

Famous Cirque du Soleil misses his fans in a period of self-isolation, therefore, from April 18, in the night from Friday to Saturday on channel своtм circus puts broadcast their show. The action will run until 31 may, so hurry up to see incredible show. Because a pandemic is no reason to forget about bright emotions!

Online project “the Tretyakov gallery for the older generation”

And to those whom the circus is no surprise, the Tretyakov gallery offers an interesting and useful Museum content: video lectures, excursions and photographs.

the project “the Tretyakov gallery for the older generation” has prepared the materials on the results of the research were the most interesting for the elderly.

Content will be updated once a month. The first set of materials already available on site and dedicated to the female sculptor Anna Semyonovna Golubkina, which helped families affected by the First world war and in the post-revolutionary period.

the Online-marathon “do Not leave this room”

Fans of Joseph Brodsky to the day of his birth will share with us the memories of the poet, and artists will read his poems.

24 may at 17.00 will be the online-marathon “don’t leave the room.”

the concert will take part BASTA, Alexander Vasilev from “the spleen”, 25/17, Billy’sBand and other performers will perform songs based on the poems. Noize MC first introduced the track “In the dark” in which Brodsky’s poem sounds in its original form.

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