“Is it that he has made his needs before entering?” In front of the cinema Max Linder Panorama on the Grands Boulevards, we do not ask you for your ticket but if your dog has satisfied his natural needs. A session event that is, well, a carpet that remains intact, that is better. For the premiere of Like Animals 2, spectators were invited to bring their pet. They are all welcome, stated the invitation, the unmissable cat and dog, the goldfish and the rabbit.

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A pug to some 40,000 “followers” The “Nuggets bar”, what bite dogs more haughty. Credit: Olivier Vigerie / Universal. Olivier Vigerie/Olivier Vigerie

Farewell calf, cow, pig, brood… as a matter of practicality, they are essentially dogs that have led to their master (or the reverse) at the cinema. There are the “guests” of one side: 70 in total, the fine flower of the whole of Paris kennel, dogs of influencers or influencers dogs. The YouTubeuse Natoo came with Kitty and Lola, her two little bitches. A doggie-style Italian and a chihuahua that we are looking at otherwise after discovering their numbers of subscribers Instagram: usd 426,000! The”influenceuse” Noholita poses in front of the cameras of CNews (yes, the tvs are there) with her French bulldog, Bella. “There is also a pug, 40.000 followers on Insta’, blowing one of the waiters of the “nuggets bar” installed in place of the age-old distributor of pop-corn.

so much for his canine portraits, the others are asked to win the room, deprived of photocall. Nothing, not a bone to gnaw on. Not anger, a good portion of them are still proudly the accessory to the color of the feature film that was handed over at the entrance – cape, bandana or bow, your choice. In a corner of the room, two employees shall ensure that kennels, a shovel and a broom in hand. You can never be too careful.

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At the cinema for the 1st time with Bella for the screening of “Like animals 2” in front-first

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“He has a fear of dogs,”

the French voices of The film, among which Élodie Fontan, Philippe Lacheau and Willy Rovelli, go almost unnoticed. Karine Le Marchand is there with a rabbit in her arms. The cow that the facilitator double in the film has not deigned to leave his field. “Can you move away please, he has a fear of dogs,” intimate the press officer of one of the actors. The actor in question, Julien Arruti, lends itself in spite of all the game of the photocall with his double on the screen, a huge Newfoundland brown. The organization has planned everything: an area is reserved for those who would “not feel comfortable” with the animals…

Outside it was a time of dog… and a heat beast. It smells like the doggie wet in the cinema. To our left, a golden retriever, sitting comfortably on his seat, eyes riveted on the giant screen. Much more than some masters, too busy trying to keep their cattle. “Shhh! Jagger, you’ll STOP”, stirs a young man, visibly overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of his young beagle. When the dog on the screen barks, those of the room echo. It “wouffe”, it growls, it screams to death.

Not easy to follow the scenario – fortunately not very thick – of the feature-length animated film. The entertainment is nevertheless sympathetic. The children laugh loud at the antics of the rabbit Cake (Willy Rovelli) and lament of the fraternal ties which unite Max, the Jack Russell (as Philippe Lacheau), and Duke, the corniaud (Julien Arruti). The partition of the big cat indolent (Élodie Fontan) is particularly poilante.

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“Very good experience to be able to go to the cinema with obiwan showings ! He was very wise. “As beasts 2″ he was well liked I think.” . “And mostly I’m too happy to have seen my instapet favorite @paulette_en_vadrouille . @nuggets_and_potatoes . @layla_dalmatian ” . Thank you to @wamiz_ for this event, we are eager there are others ! . #wamiz #commedesbetes2 #australianshepherd #bluemerle #bleumerle #bluemerleaussie #bergeraustralienbleumerle

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At the end, as after any meeting of cinema, masters and dogs end up in front of the establishment to discuss the end of fat and compliment on the quality of his hair, that on his last feat in the dog run. The session has created links. You get out of it amazed. Everything went well. Little damage are to deplore in the room. No real fights either. A true meeting of dogs civilized. Not so stupid…

As of the beasts 2 , Chris Renaud and Jonathan Del Val. Room July 31, 2019. 1h26 minutes. With the French voices of Philippe Lacheau, Willy Rovelli, Élodie Fontan.