June 19, 2017, the first of a series of sales of vinyl records organized by Radio France had obtained a considerable success. The 8,000-updated references to the auction had reached are often stratospheric, well beyond their market value. The media coverage of this sale spectacular assured him a sounding giddy. The 424 lots were reported to the tidy sum of € 150,000, 50% more than the high estimate of experts. Patrick Deburaux, auctioneer of the Art house Richelieu, had orchestrated this sale. It will be new to the hammer on Sunday 31 march in the framework of the one organized this time by the station Europe 1.

“The irony is that the industry, which has done everything to kill the support in the mid-1980s, is the first to put the overdrive on vinyl”

Pascal Bussy, director of the Calif

Among the 70.000 references of its historical collection, the house is on the market 3500 disks, divided into 331 plots and 19 categories, from jazz to hard-rock to French chanson and hip-hop. Pearl of this selection, the lot 262 should electric the crowd: it is a 45-tours of Bruce …

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