Authorities asked residents of Tuva plague until there are marmots

the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Tuva appealed to the residents of the Republic to temporarily abandon the hunt marmots.

In connection with the identification of Mongolia, the bubonic plague, the source of infection which, presumably, was the meat of the marmot, Tuvinians call for vigilance.

the Ministry recalled that the carrier of plague fleas, and dangerous for humans are rats, and also meat of a marmot and a camel.

On vacation, residents are advised to take preventive measures against insects, and to refrain from hunting woodchucks and do not eat their meat.

Recall that the bubonic plague has infected a herdsman in Inner Mongolia. According to preliminary data, the source of infection was the Groundhog that ate the man. Mongolian officials are urging people to bypass the habitats of rodents and at the slightest sign of indisposition contact a doctor.

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