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Vladimir Zhelonkin, chief editor of “Kommersant”, which had previously worked accused of treason former journalist and current Advisor to Dmitry Rogozin, Ivan Safronov, admitted that he did not know, and it might be related to the detention.

“No, (assumptions — approx. “Rosbalt”) no. How can I know, why should I dream?” — Zhelonkin responded to the question about possible reasons for the detention Safronov.

however, he said, RIA “Novosti” that in the publication of any checks not performed.

media reported that Safronov was arrested on the charges of treason. In Roscosmos said that the detention does not concern his work in the Corporation.

According to the FSB of the Russian Federation, Safronov, doing the job of one of the NATO intelligence services, collected and transferred information about the military-technical cooperation and defense of the Russian Federation.

Recall that the detainee Safronov to employment in the “Roskosmos” worked in Newspapers “Vedomosti” and “Kommersant”, engaged in military and space topics.

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