The Festival d’avignon will end on Tuesday, July 23, and there is no doubt that its director, Olivier Py, already puts the last hand to one of these press releases autosatisfaits he has the secret. As in every edition, we’ll brag the fill rate of the rooms and the vitality of an event where everyone there is nice, everybody he is nice. For our part, it is clear from these three weeks of theatre, sad, or even devastated. It all began badly in the court of honour of the Palace of the popes with Architecture pensum of Pascal Rambert.

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The festival has never recovered from this failure-the inaugural. It has never rebounded. It has even touched the bottom with Us, Europe, banquet of the peoples , a text by Laurent Gaudé, directed by Roland Auzet. A summit of demagoguery led François Hollande to go on stage to be petted in the direction of the hair by comedians, transformed into activists. Three hours …

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