Azerbaijan has threatened to hit missiles in the Metsamor NPP, which will lead Armenia to disaster

the Representative of the Azerbaijani defense Ministry, Colonel Vagif Dargyakhli urges Armenia not to forget that the new missile systems of Azerbaijani armed forces allow with high accuracy to hit located in Armenia’s Metsamor nuclear power plant.

“Armenia should not forget that the newest missile systems in the Arsenal of our army allow with high accuracy to hit the Metsamor nuclear power plant that could lead to a major disaster for Armenia”, — quotes the words Dargyakhli Sputnik Azerbaijan.

Probably, thus it “in advance” commented medusine talk about the fact that Armenia could strike at Mingyachevirskomu reservoir. Thus the representative of the defense Ministry of Azerbaijan stated that the terrain where the reservoir is located, as well as modern air defense systems will not allow you to strike at this strategic object.

the Situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border has escalated significantly after 12 July, when the two sides have exchanged artillery strikes. Killing of 11 Azerbaijani and four Armenian soldiers, there are wounded. Also died and one Azerbaijani, who is a civilian.

the Armenian NPP was built in the years 1969-1977. Currently, it completes the upgrade, which should ensure operation of the plant until 2036.

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