Cepstral Moscow denied reports on quotas for high-tech help

the Metropolitan Department of health has stated a number of incorrect data in the article on the portal News.ru called “Quotatype: patients and doctors have become hostages of financing of medicine.”

So, the office denied the information about what each phase of the operation is calculated as a separate operation. “This calculation considers the full treatment, no matter how many stages it involves,” — said in the message destava.

Also there deny information about the different wage levels in a single operation in the Scientific and practical center of specialized medical care for children. V. F. Voyno-Yasenetsky. In desgraves assured that wages calculated “on the basis of an approved methodology that takes into account the factor of individual participation and does not allow to pay salaries for the provision of VMP persons not taking part in it, as well as unnecessarily reduce or increase the corresponding payments”.

While there acknowledged that different staff can really get different amount of money having the same number of operations depending on the workload.

desgraves also said that the Moscow budget for the provision of high-tech medical care is used for compensation of employees, purchase of medicines, consumables required for the provision of VMP, maintenance and repair of medical devices, as well as for laboratory and instrumental investigations.

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