Beautician told about the main errors of women in skin care

Beautician Natalia Nikolaeva gave a number of tips about how to correctly care for the skin of the face.

doctor of the highest category in the program “About the main” talked about the dangers of clay for those with oily skin. According to her, clay is mixed with sebum, tightly blocks the sebaceous gland and may cause further inflammation.

Expert advises people with dry and problem skin do not use abrasive scrubs for skin care.

Among the main mistakes of the facial beautician called squeezing pimples, the use of professional products without consulting a dermatologist and frequent use of my eyes.

Nikolaev explained that the patches create the “greenhouse effect”. The moisture nourishes the under eye area and creates a small swelling at the application site, the expert added, recommending to use them just before the events. Continuous use of the patches, which could lead to early wrinkles.

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