Beavers to blame: the scientists found out who

the Arctic area was flooded by beavers. A sharp increase in the number of these rodents in Alaska and other regions concerned biologists and climatologists, says the journal Environmental Research Letters.

According to experts, the Arctic region became comfortable with animals because of climate warming, but over time the animals themselves became the perpetrators of ice melting of permafrost. By building dams in the basins of old lakes that have dried up before the onset of the glacial epoch, rodents provoked the formation of a larger number of lakes, their total area increased by 8.3%. This fact is confirmed by scientists of the German Alfred Wegener Institute, who has studied satellite images of the areas in Western Alaska over the past 20 years, reports EurekAlert.

Education warm lakes accelerates the melting of permafrost that is located under the former dry bottom basins, the scientists explain.

They also do not exclude the possibility that the beavers could run such processes, not only in Alaska but also in Canada and Eurasia.

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