Became known details of the murder of Yekaterinburg fighters of Regardie

details have emerged of the murder of Yekaterinburg fighters of Regardie. According to “Novaya Gazeta” with reference to experts of the Russian IC, only had seven shots, three bullets hit the victim, one was tangential, three got stuck in the door.

the Newspaper also quoted the mother of the deceased woman said that he gave the attackers the keys to the apartment. “Then I heard a rumble. When all was quiet, I saw the bloodied son lying in the hallway,” said the woman.

At the time of the shooting, the door was ajar, and the security forces fired into the opening at an angle at a distance of about one meter from the entrance, said media.

we will Remind, on the night of June 1, commandos shot and killed Vladimir Taushanova, who was accused of shoplifting several rolls of Wallpaper. He locked himself in the apartment, and the security forces decided to take it by storm. According to investigators, the man had provoked the security forces, he allegedly had a knife, and he was aggressive. According to another version of militiamen, have Taushanova was carrying a Kalashnikov rifle.

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