the Singer Pelageya changed her image. She broke up with long hair and now has bangs. Photo the actress posted to Instagram, causing a lot of flattering comments subscribers.

“Younger by 20 years, gorgeous,” wrote one of the users. “Very refreshing new way!” other added. Many subscribers have noticed that with this hairdo she began to look “young”, and the bangs made her “a completely different person.”

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Trimmed your bangs. Remember 2014… And the mood has improved! © Grishkovets #Pelagia #playerlogin #playacanela #Grishkovets #самоизоляция2020 #shumoizolyatsionnogo #mood🔥 #nastroenie.vse

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Jun 4, 2020 at 12:25pm PDT

Recall, Pelageya recently divorced from her husband, hockey player Ivan by Telegony. In marriage they had a daughter Taisiya.

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