the Magic of the seventh art, the former president of the Republic has been immortalized in several feature films before his death, this Thursday, September 26. Between faithful reproductions or voluntarily removed from reality, with more or less talentrs, a handful of actors have attempted to cepter a little of the essence that animated the long silhouette of Jacques Chirac. The essential Bernard Le Coq at the remarkable Thierry Lhermitte, passing by the hilarious Didier Gustin, overview of the best incarnations of the former head of State of the cinema and the television.

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● Bernard Le Coq, The Conquest and The Last campaign

Bernard Lecoq is Jacques Chirac what Sean Connery is to James Bond. Oh of course, Chirac preferred to the Citroëns to the Aston Martins and the beer to the Dry Martini. But Bernard Lecoq is the first of the actors to which one thinks when it comes to imagine the former president of the …

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