The 72nd edition of the Cannes film Festival has opened on the Croisette. Engine. In the movies, life is accelerating. We get older, it seduces, it dies more quickly than elsewhere. It happens extraordinary things. This year, we should not be disappointed. The fantastic is making a great comeback. Zombies have mounted the steps of the Palace, John Carpenter will ride in a carriage. There is science fiction in the air. For twelve days, on the screens, the drama will multiply. Prepare your handkerchiefs. There will be crimes, murderers ; the human misery and social distress. There artists have to grind the black. Otherwise, it would for the rich. At the Venice Biennale, the artists have outdone themselves. At the end of the show, the audience was sure to fall into depression. Let’s hope that the seventh art will bring a bit of cheer in his vision of the real. Of the poetry, humor. In Cannes, the laugh is a guest suspect. It is necessary to have the air of serious, seem concerned …

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