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Charles Gerard, the essential second knife, Good Year Cop or Thug

“I think Jean-Paul should be the man most unhappy in the world. That is, like me, you lose a buddy ideal…” The voice taken by the emotion, it is as well as Claude Lelouch, the man who made him play twenty times in his films, reacted to the death of his friend the actor Charles Gerard. “He was the accomplice, the super-boyfriend Jean-Paul Belmondo”, he added to say and to repeat to all those who loved him, how Beautiful and Charlot had become, in the nearly seventy years of friendship, the inseparable doublette of the French cinema.

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Twenty films under the direction of Claude Lelouch and six-with Belmondo. Filmography of Charlie chaplin is a story of loyalty and friendship. The story is playful, the first feature film from the director of ’a man and A woman with Charles Gérard was called The Villain . In the scenario, Jean-Louis Trintignant was flanked by this actor to the style of titi parisian, which will help him in his run. Charlot had found his character.

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The rest of his filmography will be the envi of its ability to embody the bad boys sympathetic. It will thus be of the strip of nickel plated feet of The adventure is the adventure . It will help Lino Ventura to carry out the robbery of a jewelry luxury of the Croisette in The great Year and to seduce, above all, the beautiful Françoise Fabian. Claude Lelouch will give him his funny reply. Speaking to Lino Ventura, Charles Gerard ask a definitive question, well in its way: “We came here to make a case or to dredge?”.

Charlot, the best friend of the French cinema

of course, to the screen, Charles Gerard will remain as the eternal “post” Belmondo. The movie titles say it all of their complicity: The Incorrigible , Cop or thug , Animal … Charlot, was the great second knife, which was shining Bébel. But beyond their duo of acrobat, the two men who were known 70 years ago in the boxing room of the Avia Club, were in life, inseparable. The Parisians who crossed in the restaurants were aware of their daily appointments. Today with the disappearance of Charles Gérard, Paris, Belmondo and Lelouch, and all lovers of comedy and the French have lost their best friend.

The Rogue by Claude Lelouch in Cop or Thug by Georges Lautner with Jean Paul Belmondo, passing through The great Year with Lino Ventura and Françoise Fabian still of Claude Lelouch, Le Figaro this, below in video, the best role of Charles Gérard.

The Villain by Claude Lelouch in 1970, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Danièle Delorme, Charles Gérard, Yves Robert, Aldo Maccione…

The Adventure is the adventure by Claude Lelouch in 1972, with Lino Ventura, Jacques Brel, Charles Dener, Aldo Maccione, Charles Gerard.. .

happy new Year by Claude Lelouch in 1973, with Lino Ventura, Françoise Fabian, Charles Gérard…

The Incorrigible by Philippe de Broca in 1975, based on the novel Ah… my friend! Alex Varoux, with Jean-Paul Belmondo, Geneviève Bujold, Julien Guiomar, Charles Gérard…

Cop or Thug by Georges Lautner, in 1979, with Jean-Paul Belmondo, Marie Laforêt, Michel Galabru, Georges Géret, Jean-François Balmer, Charles Gérard…

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