Chinese-Canadian pop singer Kris Wu was arrested by Beijing police for suspicion of rape. This follows an allegation that the ex-member of Korean boy band EXO lured young girls into sexual relationships.

A teenager accused Wu, aged 30, of having sex while she was drunk. Wu refuted the accusation.

According to the teenager, Wu lured seven other women with promises of work and other opportunities. Although she said that some were younger than China’s consent age of 14, she did not indicate if they were younger.

According to the police statement, Wu was “criminally detained” for rape suspicions “in response to relevant internet information” which included that Wu “repeatedly lured young girls to have sexual relations.” The police statement did not provide any other details.

The accusations were previously refuted by the pop star. “There was no groupie sex!” Wu said. Wu posted last month that there was no “underage”!” on his social media accounts. “If this were to happen, please let everyone know that I would be in jail!”

The news was the most popular topic on Weibo. On Saturday night, the news was the #1 most searched topic on Weibo. Some users started commenting on Wu’s social media account and telling him to “Get Out of China!”

According to police statements, Wu is a Canadian citizen.

The People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party, commented on the matter, posting an opinion online stating that “Having foreign nationality isn’t a protective talisman and no matter what the name, there is no immunity.”

The teenager made her allegations on social media, and then in an interview with NetEase. The interview was published a day later by at least 10 brands, including Louis Vuitton and Porsche.

Interviewer said she believed she was meeting Wu to discuss a job opportunity. His staff made her drink instead. She said that her tolerance was low, and that she had two drinks after. Wu was her bed, and she was there when Wu woke her up. She said that Wu was kind and generous to her the next morning.

That was her first thought of their relationship. This was true until March when he stopped responding to her messages.

She said that she initially felt sorry for her self. She felt worse for herself when she found out that other women had suffered similar treatment.

“I don’t believe that this is my personal problem. In the NetEase interview, she stated that it was a problem with China’s entertainment scene.

Wu stated that he met the young woman Dec. 5, 2020. However, he didn’t force her into drinking and there weren’t any details she described.

Wu wrote previously, “I didn’t expect my silence would encourage these rumors. And I couldn’t stand it!” “There were many people that day who could bear witness.”

Wu and the teenager both claimed they had requested authorities to investigate.

Saturday’s statement did not mention this case and provided no information regarding the status of the investigation.