Cords released another creative opus about the starving stars

Russian musician Sergey Shnurov wrote a new poem and dedicated it to Russian pop stars, which is due to coronavirus were in the “difficult” financial position. Line he posted in his Instagram.

In the poem that is traditionally replete with profanity, he spoke about how the stars were left without a livelihood, are faced with the problem of hunger and are forced to ask the state for financial support in the form of a minimum wage.

for the First time about the plight of Russian artists in the period of a pandemic, said producer Joseph Prigozhin. Cords made fun of his words in his account, as a result, between them there was a verbal conflict.

the words of Prigogine that many artists are forced to spend all earned money, caused a reaction not only Shnurov. Renowned trainer of cats Yury Kuklachev reproached the producer of such statements, adding that many in the country are actually “nothing to eat”. The party “Communists of Russia” sent a producer and his wife, singer Valeria a pack of instant noodles as humanitarian assistance, and advised me to go to work on the construction site or in a factory, and his wife become cleaner.

Prigogine Himself noted that he had immunity on denegrate.

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