Coronavirus found in almost 30 employees of the Kaliningrad plant

In the enterprise “Roscosmos” — OKB “Fakel” in Kaliningrad — an outbreak of coronavirus.

according to “Interfax” referring to regional management of Rospotrebnadzora, from 29 employees identified infection, and eight of the nih “the disease is identified active.”

One of the workers of the plant “Fakel” told the “New Kaliningrad”, which is being treated at the Center for specialized types of medical care. Until the beginning of June he was on vacation and the first working day in his office identified employee with a high temperature, and with June 3, along with our colleagues sent home. Soon the worker has lost taste and smell. The man was examined by doctors and serious symptoms were not identified. At the same time the man noticed a soreness in the kidney, the temperature at night rose to 38.1 degrees. Then the temperature began to decline. The man was hospitalized on June 12.

“on the first day were given water, malaria tablets and chlorhexidine rinse. Inject antibiotics and vitamins. — told the publication work of the Torch. He complained about the food, but with great sympathy said about doctors: “look good, cute and gentle. I feel sorry for them. They intercede on the day, in fact, in hemastem”.

“they Say a person does not feel like falling apart. The nurse said as the man lies, he was all right, and after 2-3 hours he would be taken away in serious condition. Says wither on the eyes, and it’s scary,” — said the employee of “Torch”.

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