Doctor: in Autumn you can get infected and influenza, and coronavirus at the same time

Summer is traditionally fewer pathogens, but in the autumn the situation can get complicated. This is the conclusion at a press conference in TASS came the experts of the research Institute of influenza to them. Smorodintseva, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

According to acting Director of the Institute Dmitry lioznov, with the new season change the climate, pupils and students return to schools, and adults from the holidays that affect the incidence of influenza. “Highlight” will be the situation with novel coronavirus infection, said the expert. Both of the pathogen can occur in patients simultaneously.

“there is No reason that this is impossible in a situation with a flu and the coronavirus,” said Deputy Director Daria Danilenko.

Lioznov added that the two infections aggravates the condition of patients, because they affect the upper respiratory tract and lung condition.

“overall, our expectations adverse. The current can be more severe,” — said the expert.

Earlier, the research Institute of influenza to them. Smorodintseva explained why the fall is to get vaccinated against influenza. This is due to the characteristics of the vaccine components.

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