“A gift for the fans”. The expression is returned in the mouth of all actors of Downton Abbey, gathered in London on Monday for a huge press conference to launch the feature as expected. It is not hackneyed. The film, which prolongs the series of aristocratic cult of Julian Fellowes, is a sweet lightness, traits of wit and humor English irresistible. Expected in French theatres on the 25th of September, it seems as early as Friday in the Uk. This quasi-episode of Christmas concludes with yet more happy end (if that was possible) the series has come to an end in 2015 of the small screen, british. On paper, the plot seems to be as thin as a cigarette paper, but its execution is tasty.

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Away from the destruction of the Titanic and the First world War, springs from the first two seasons, the storm that stirred the cup of tea the Crawley’s and their household is the stay for a …

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