Dr butcher said there are three simple principles to protect against coronavirus

well-Known TV presenter and the chief doctor of a Moscow hospital Alexander Myasnikov gave three quick tips to protect against coronavirus — “do not believe, do not fear, do not ask”.

the Doctor explained that we should not believe the myths and unconfirmed rumors about the treatment COVID-19. The physician also urged Russians not to panic because of mers since fear reduces immunity.

as proof of his words he cited the example of a study conducted on rats. “A wounded animal sick more often, something that felt free, felt constant stress,” said the doctor.

butcher Also urged Russians not to ask for medicine for coronavirus and to rely on your natural immune system. “This lack of excess weight, bad habits, sports. Personal prevention measures: social distance, masks, gloves,” added butcher in the program on “Russia 1”.

Earlier, the doctor said that the coronavirus is similar to blood-sucking insects that drank human blood. Also, in his opinion, the panic about the pandemic wound, “who is going to die, he will die.”

Just today in Russia revealed 476 658 cases of coronavirus in 85 regions.

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