Dr. Myasnikov told about the dangerous treatments the liver

TV Presenter and head of the Moscow clinical hospital No. 71 Alexander Miasnikov urged Russians not to self-medicate liver.

According to him, many people “blindly destroy the liver,” trying to treat it with pills of medications or cleansing. The physician noted that these methods are very dangerous without consulting a physician.

TV Presenter recalled that there are almost 200 names of medications, adding that “there are actually only three or four.” “The rest you can just throw it in the trash,” said butchers in the program “About the main thing”.

the Doctor explained that popular the medications there are many harmful components. It is reported that 20% of patients with a diagnosis of toxic liver damage bought drugs in the pharmacy. “Not my grandmother, and the pharmacy! Especially dangerous Chinese medicines,” added the well-known Moscow physician.

Earlier, the broadcaster said that the panic over pandemic coronavirus wound, “who is going to die, he will die.”

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