Expert: the Oligarchs from the introduction of a progressive tax on income will not suffer

Talking about the need to return to a progressive income tax is underway since the introduction of a flat scale of the tax to incomes of physical persons (NDFL) in the early 2000-ies, recalled associate Professor, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Oleg Komolov. As stated by the candidate of economic Sciences, the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, the return of this theme in the information field caused by economic difficulties.

“In Russia, there was a very strange situation from the point of view of the tax system. In most more or less developed countries there is a progressive scale of income tax. But in Russia formal income tax flat personal income tax of all pay 13%, but the total size of the “tax on work” we have arranged a regressive way. That is, the poorer a person is, the more “tax on labor” with him, charges state. On their employment, we pay not only income tax, but contributions to the social insurance Fund, Medical Fund and Pension Fund. And, as you know, the rates of contributions to these funds reduced the growth of income. That is, if in European countries — a progressive scale, then we are actually regressive taxes on labor”, — said the expert.

Oleg Komolov noticed that the introduction of a progressive personal income tax will not affect the wealth of the oligarchs. “In the popular understanding of the increase in the personal income tax means that these are the oligarchs, the super rich will pay more taxes. But this is not true. They do not pay personal income tax, and pay tax on the dividends. If you take any oligarch Potanin, he is a shareholder of Norilsk Nickel and their billions is in the form of dividends on these shares. And we are not talking about the introduction of progressive elements in the tax system. Moreover, dividend income is not subject to social contributions. In fact, it turns out that the premiums we offer the most high for the poor and zero for the oligarchs. This is an extremely unfair tax system”, — said the economist.

According to Oleg Komolova, talking about raising tax rates personal income tax two percentage points for people with a salary of 2 million rubles and above caused by lack of money in the budget. “It is obvious that now, when the economy is in crisis, other sources of replenishment, except the income of our richest compatriots, just not. Even more to confiscate the income of the poor is impossible: we people live very modestly and consumption falls, the level of poverty exceeds the limit for a country with our resources and production capabilities. But it seems to me that if will be introduced the proposed measure, it will be very soft, designed in order to protect the super-rich minority of this burden. The government will do its utmost to protect the interests of their masters, because their interests it expresses,” — said the expert.

Recall that in Russia now operates the flat rate personal income tax of 13%, but Forbes wrote that the possibility of introducing a progressive tax rate. Among the possible options — increasing the personal income tax rate from 13% to 15% for wealthy individuals whose annual income exceeds 2-3 million rubles.

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