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Primorsky district of St. Petersburg topped the list of areas where there are most patients with suspected new coronavirus type. These data derive from the may report of the interdepartmental working group on countering the proliferation COVID-19 in the city.

In the area of outpatient treated 7337 local residents, however, confirmed diagnoses 825.

the three leaders of the rating also includes Nevskiy and Kirovskiy districts, where there are respectively 3879 (1581) and 3738 (408) of the patients. Followed by Kalinin, Krasnoselskaya, Vyborg and Admiralty districts.

least of all outpatients in Kronstadt, where treated 123 patients, including 43 with a confirmed diagnosis.

According to the latest data, in Petersburg from the beginning of the pandemic, has registered 18 thousand 835 cases COVID-19, died 392 people.

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