Leonie Pernet has been one of the revelations electro 2018 with the release of Crave in September. The one who is a percussionist of training mixes the styles: electro pure, classical or conceptual music is repetitive. From the piano to the drums and the microphone to the sampler, she distorts her voice with Auto-Tune and adds a lyrical song to the end of the title Crave .

Leonie Pernet is the guest of Figaro Live Music – Look on Figaro Live

In his album trilingual (French, English and Arabic), even the instruments have their own voice. When the very minimal Father stretches to the rhythms, the throbbing, the drama Nancy ends on a chorus serious. Both composer and producer of her album, but before all a musician, she creates, plays, cup, monte all of the footage itself, rendering authentic and probably decidedly dark, the image of the title jewel Auaati in collaboration with Hanaa Ouassim.

La Gaîté lyrique 3 bis, rue Papin (Iii).
Tel.: 01 53 01 52 00. date: on 25 jan. at 19: 30.
up: 18,80 €.