After two 45-tours and an EP published in the most complete independence, Theo Lawrence has learned her craft on stage. In 2015, he has surrounded himself with a group called The Hearts (Thibault Lecocq to the battery, Nevil Bernard (keyboards), Louis-Marin Renaud on guitar and Olivier Viscat on the bass). Together, they have recorded at Black Box studio in Angers, a first album successful, Homemade Lemonade . Between soul and rock, the musicians explore a continent covered on the discs that they like.
last summer, they provide the first part of Robert Plant. The young people find there an encouragement to continue to defend their repertoire at all costs.

Trianon 80, bd de Rochechouart (Xviii).
Tel.: 01 44 92 78 00 . Date: on 27 nov. 20 h. seating: from 24 to 29 €.