Figure skating champion was unhappy with the rest in Crimea

Closed borders forced the Russian skater Alexander Bojkova to decide on a vacation in the Crimea, but the result disappointed her.

In his Instagram the 18-year-old European champion wrote a scathing post in which he criticized the infrastructure of Crimea, which, in her opinion, is simply not ready to receive tourists.

In particular, she was outraged by the status of the Crimean roads, noting that from Yalta to the New world she had to get 4.5 hours.

According to Boikova, the path ran along the mountain serpentine, and a distance of 100 km seemed to last forever.

in addition, the figure skater has told about “the devastation and poverty”, which saw along the way. Tourists, according to her, the resort is nothing to do.

“On the way you pass several towns, and, frankly, feel sorry for those people who live in them,” concluded Boikova, adding that in many regions of Russia you can see the same pattern.

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