Fleet of Petersburg will join the social buses for passengers with limited mobility

the Fleet of Petersburg will join the twenty-one social bus route was announced yesterday in city Committee on transport. List more details can be found on the Agency’s website.

the contract was signed the institution “transport Organizer” within the jurisdiction of the administration. The transport will appear on the roads from July 16.

“the Winners are required to supply buses to routes, which made no earlier than 2019, with mandatory low-floor platform for the convenience of passengers with reduced mobility”, — said the Agency.

all the art sets the validator for electronic fare collection, as well as the device verbal information. Route information for passengers will be displayed on special screens.

Specifies that the capacity for transport varies. In some areas with a small passenger traffic will be buses of middle class that are designed for forty six residents.

Meanwhile, in St. Petersburg there is a growing demand for public transport due to the mitigation measures against the coronavirus, a new type. In mid-June at Smolny reported that passenger traffic increased by 140% compared to April. However, this indicator is twice less than the same period in 2019.

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