In South Butovo catch a sexual predator who has attacked already on the 8 women

In the South-West of Moscow has appeared the sexual maniac who attacks women and goes under the underwear.

a Pervert operating in South Butovo. In at least 8 attacks, reports “MK”. The first statement about the attack the rapist began to go to local POLICE last week.

the Attacks in the period between 23:00 and 03:00 on Yuzhnobutovskaya street, Chechersk travel. The attacker was looking for victims returning home late women in a local Park, and then began to attack and on the streets.

Edition to find out that a maniac attacks his victims from behind and gets hands under his underwear. Once women begin to scream and resist, the offender runs away.

The present pervert looking for a drawing of one of the victims, which turned out to be an artist. We are talking about a young male high athletic build with long legs.

“MK” notes that attacks naked man on two women on 30 June was recorded in the Bitsa forest Park, near Butovo. Then the attacker was described as a man of about 30, blond with blue eyes in a narrow, square glasses. It is likely that we are talking about one and the same person.

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