Former Minister of health of the Penza region convicted of the rape of a doctor

the Former head of the Ministry of health of the Penza region Vladimir Stryuchkov convicted of the rape and violent acts of a sexual nature.

according to, sosnovoborskiy district court sentenced ex-official to three years and three months in a General regime colony. He was taken into custody at the courthouse.

According to “Kommersant”, in the politics of rape has accused the employee of sosnovoborskiy district hospitals. According to her, drunk Struchkov April 30, attacked her in a former children’s camp “fairy Tale”, where he called her under the pretext of examination of the patient. The guilt the former official did not recognize. In the regional administration said that the health Minister has written the application at own will on April 29.

Vladimir Struchkov held the positions of Deputy chief doctor and chief doctor of a number of regional hospitals of the Penza region, and from 1999 to 2010 years has occupied the post of regional Minister of health, and has combined this work with the duties of the Deputy Chairman of the regional government.

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