“When a movement is held between Christmas and new year, when it holds in January, this means that in spring there are chances that there are things happening in this country.” François Ruffin announced Wednesday in a video published on his Youtube channel have started the post-production work of his new documentary, named I want the sun . At his side in the video as in the project, Gilles Perret, director, and Cecile Dubois, editor. Both have already worked with the deputy for his previous films, respectively, in The Unconquered (2018) and Thank you, Boss! (2016).

In his video, he reiterated that as a member of parliament is a “representative of the Nation”. Accordingly, it intends to show the “face” of the population, show the “beautiful people” and not “yellow vests plague-stricken leper”. If Emmanuel Macron has not seen “the beauty of this people who decided to let him grind” it is because he does not know it, ” he says, fearing that this “great moment in our history” will be told that “ BFM , editorialists, intellectuals in the white shirt, who will summarize it at a movement of alcoholics, or even fascist, anti-semitic”.

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This documentary was intended to take place as “the point at which the yellow vests cling”. He asks finally that the population of the contacts so that it is arranged to bring the film “on the roundabouts” and in “small towns”. “We need you, only we don’t come out”.

On his Twitter account, the elected representative of the Sum announced that his film I want the sun will be available from 3 April. From November 2018, the movement of the yellow vests mobilises every Saturday, against various decisions and positions of the government, in different cities of the territory, and on several of its roundabouts. This weekend will kick-off of “the ninth act” of this popular mobilization.