At the start it looked like a false good idea. Of course, Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov is the confession of a pervert couch potato who kidnaps and abuses a young teenager of 12 years. But why make it a trial for a character from a novel of the 1950s? And above all why rewrite a masterpiece as brilliantly unhealthy? It is exposed to two dangers: the comparison – indeed overwhelming – with one of the most sparkling designers of the Twentieth century, and the temptation to sanitise, to sweeten or to refresh a novel so much sulphur that it would probably not be a publisher today.

” READ – Lolita, a novel immoral?

Christophe Tison wanted to give a voice to Dolores Haze, the Lolita who has become a modern myth, by deleting the capital letter of his first name. It is his insane challenge based in the soul of the girl the most famous of the Twentieth century. Journal of L. is not a rewrite of Lolita but the journal of a young American, seduced, manipulated, kidnapped by his …

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