FSB In the Rostov region, was preparing attacks in the medical institutions and schools (video)

a Cell of the banned terrorist group “Islamic state” found in the Rostov region. It is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to TSOs FSB of Russia.

“They (the six residents of the region from among the citizens one of the Central Asian countries and Russia — approx. “Rosbalt”) were preparing attacks on police officers and planned to carry out terrorist acts in medical and educational institutions,” the report States.

the Leader of the group opened fire on employees of special division of FSB of Russia and detonated IEDs. The wounds proved fatal. In Rostov-on-don arrested the other five members of the group.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted for ratification to the state Duma of the additional Protocol to the Council of Europe Convention on the prevention of terrorism. In particular, “changes are made to curb the activities of foreign terrorist fighters and persons providing them with financial and other assistance, and expanding the practice of exchange of information between States parties to the Convention with the use of contact points.

the Draft law contains a Declaration that under articles 5 and 6 dopatka funding to travel abroad to commit terrorist acts and the organization of such trips or assisting her in any other way “is punishable in Russia for complicity in the preparation or attempt to commit terrorist crimes”.

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