In administration of Orenburg again are searched

the Investigative Committee and the police conduct searches and seizure of documents in administration of Orenburg.

As reported the representative of the SU RF IC in the Orenburg region Radik Galimov, investigations are in the framework of the initiated earlier criminal case. The details he omitted in the interests of the investigation.

a source in the administration said the Orenburg newspaper that activities are conducted in the premises of the Department of building and roads.

Earlier in the RF IC announced the initiation of a criminal case about negligence of the staff of the office for the organization of traffic, and this control is also passed searches and seizure of documents.

According to investigators, the officials of the administration of Orenburg and city budgetary institution “Centre of road traffic organization” has taken the contract for the installation of pedestrian fencing in the framework of the national project “Safe and high quality roads”. Meanwhile, the fences were installed with violations of the requirements of GOST. The damage from the payments to contractor the contractor, OOO “SK-OUTSOURCING” in excess of 8 million 200 thousand roubles is considered a damage to the budget.

against the head of this Department Sergey Porshina was prosecuted for embezzling and fraud.

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