In Britain, told how Russia influenced the election-2019

Russia has tried to interfere in the General elections in the UK. About what she was doing, said the head of the British foreign Minister Dominic Raab, reports DW.

“There is little doubt that the Russians had tried to intervene in General elections 2019 and did so by mass distribution on the Internet illegally picked up in government documents,” said Raab, and added that London is “almost certain” in this, although evidence of a major campaign to no interference.

More “Russian intervention” will be described in the report, which will publish the other day. The decision to publish the document on the impact of Russia on British policy unanimously adopted by the Committee on security and intelligence of the house of Commons of the British Parliament.

Moscow had previously called for the prosecution of London of interference in election of contradictory and vague and called to present evidence.

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