In Moscow detained the activist for a staring contest with the police officer

In Moscow detained activist Sergei Desnitsky for being too stared at police officers during a picket the queue in support of the defendants in the case “the New greatness”. About it reports “OVD-info”. Security forces, in turn, said that the reason for detention was “harassment towards police officers.” We will remind that at present at the building of FSB on Lubyanka square there passes the action in support of the convicts in the case of the “New greatness”. According to media reports, the detained 19 people. The first paddy wagon went in OVD “petty-bourgeois”. We add that the defendants in the case are accused of organization of extremist community and participation in it. According to investigators, members of the “New grandeur” were planning to seize power in Russia through a coup. According to the defendants, the idea of creating such an organization suggested it introduced the police and the FSB.

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