In China found one case of the coronavirus in days

Chinese Ministry of health announced a one-day reduction in the number of cases of coronavirus.

a day in the country diagnosed only one case of the disease in Guangdong province, the infected came from abroad.

this was identified four asymptomatic carrier, no lethal outcome for the day never happened.

a Day earlier, China has confirmed 15 new cases of coronavirus, 10 of them are asymptomatic.

Meanwhile, the standard epidemiological threats in the Chinese city of Shulan, in the North-Eastern Jilin province near the border with Russia has been changed to “low”. After the detection of a new outbreak of the coronavirus recovered most of the infected in hospitals there are six persons.

According to the updated statistics, in China identified 83 021 case of the coronavirus (the day before indicated the figure is 83 022), died 4634 person (this figure has not changed).

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