In Estonia celebrate the day of victory

In Estonia today celebrate the Day of victory. It was erected in honor of the battle of võnnu, which 23 June 1919, the Estonian armed forces defeated the parts, consisting of German volunteers, who had previously contributed to the fight against the Pro-Soviet forces in Estonia.

in the Morning in the Governor’s garden on Toompea in Tallinn in honor of this event he raised the flag and lit “the ancient fire”, reports Delfi. Later front of the presidential Palace in Kadriorg it will be combined with the “funeral fire” lit in the tories, and his piece will go to each County.

“We won the Liberation war and founded their own state, said at the ceremony speaker of the Riigikogu Henn Billwas. — When we fight the enemy, no matter how cunning he is and how great its numerical advantage — the winner is always the one who has higher moral principles; one who protects his family, his country and his people.”

In reality, the “battle of võnnu” took place in Latvia, Sigulda. In it, on the one hand, involved troops of Pro-German Latvian government Niedra, formed mainly of Germans, on the other — the Estonian armed forces with the participation of the Latvian regiments of the future dictator of Latvia Ulmanis.

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