In Germany, the experience of flying taxis (photo, video)

In Germany began testing flying taxi. The vessel called CityAirbus, they are controlled remotely and operate on electricity, writes Travel and Leisure.

Airbus took its new eVTOL aircraft, also known as CityAirbus, for its first flight in front of public officials and the media for the very first time last week.

— Travel + Leisure (@TravelLeisure) August 3, 2020

These taxis can carry up to four passengers at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour on distance to 100 kilometers, the driver is not required.

Each vessel is equipped with four propellers, they are virtually noiseless.

The #CityAirbus demonstrator has performed its first fully automatic flight: take-off, stabilisation in flight, and landing.
It will go to Manching at the end of August for forward flight trials and further expansion of its flight envelope.#FlyingTaxi #eVTOL #UrbanAirMobility

— Airbus Helicopters (@AirbusHeli) July 31, 2020

When the flying taxi will be put into operation, is not specified.