In infectious clinical hospital No. 2 in Moscow — of 209 people with the coronavirus of the 544 patients

treatment At infectious clinical hospital No. 2 in Moscow consist of 544 persons, 209 of them have laboratory-confirmed coronavirus. About this informed the head physician of the hospital Svetlana Krasnova on the social network Facebook.

“At the hospital, 544 people (including 16 in ICU), of which 278 people with suspected COVID/209 cases confirmed by laboratory, of which: 22/20 children, 26/26 pregnant, childbirth and postpartum, 14/12 man in the surgical ward, 5/5 patients in the ICU (on mechanical ventilation four)”, — said Krasnov.

the day Before it was reported to the hospital 507 people, including 195 with the coronavirus.

Earlier, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that this week could be the relaxation of restrictions that were imposed because of coronavirus.

“We see that there is a positive dynamics, the number of pneumonia cases COVID, fewer deaths became. Do next week (8 June — approx. “Rosbalt”) can be more radical, more serious decision to move forward”, — said Sobyanin.

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