In Kamchatka, the bear killed the pensioner

Kamchatka 63-year-old pensioner became the victim of a bear attack near the village of Talovka on the North of the region, the press service of the administration of the Penzhina district. According to the administration, the body was found 300 metres from the village.

a Pensioner has gone missing on 20 July, when he went to the outskirts of Talovka to mow the grass. It began to look July 24 and the next day found a body with signs of a bear attack.

the report of the district administration emphasizes that the district recently increased the number of brown bears near settlements. Predators from time to time enter and in the border settlements. Local residents are recommended to refrain from walking in the villages experienced hunters form an operational group that can, if necessary, to detect aggressive animal and produce shoot.

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