Roskomnadzor far behind schedule the creation of a

Roskomnadzor is not completed on time plan for the commissioning of the monitoring system included in the program “the sovereign of the Russian Internet,” according to the chamber.

According to the Agency, and establish a system of total budget allocated to 596 million rubles. Inspection of execution by Roskomnadzor budget for 2019 and the planned period 2020-2021 years showed that on January 1, 2020, the result is “the Creation of a monitoring Center” of the 28 control points were not executed in six, or 21%. The deadline was postponed to 2020.

in addition, as stated in the report of the accounts chamber in the allocation of subsidies for the establishment of a monitoring system ILV set the zero indicator of its effectiveness, which is contrary to the rules established by the government.

control Center and monitoring networks, according to the “law on sustainable Runet” should in the event of threats to take centralized control of the Internet.

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