In Khimki the member of the electoral Commission complained that the police had twisted her arms up on the site

the members of the precinct election Commission did not let his colleague with the right to vote Christina Limaeva to the polling station No. 3216, a police officer allegedly applied to her physical strength. About this Limaeva reported by OVD-info.

According to Climaval, June 25, she came to the police station, but her colleagues asked her to leave the room because of the “epidemiological situation” and provided a document.

“They told me (election) of the book is not shown completely isolated me from the packaging process of the ballots. They just barricaded themselves in the gym, putting his police,” she said.

Specifies that a police officer allegedly “began to Unscrew Climaval hands and take away her phone”. “As a result, the site profits the TEC representatives, the local chief of police and ambulance, as Limeaway became ill because of the actions of the police”, — is told in the message.

Police took Climaval and witness the conflict explanation.

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