In Kuzbass the locals are starving in protest against the construction of coal-loading stations

Residents of Novokuznetsk area of Kuzbas have gone on hunger strike, protesting against the construction of the loading station. As the correspondent of “Rosbalt” a local resident Alexey Chistyakov, in the hunger strike has already involved six people. “Began a hunger strike June 24, two men, later joined by two more, and today two more. The main requirement is to prevent the construction of coal-loading stations. Also people demand that the owners of the coal mine has restored all that was destroyed, including the fertile layer of the soil: their company went on agricultural land,” said Alexei Chistyakov. Starving continue to go to work, but most of the time spend in the tent camp. A tent camp is set in the village of Ceresa. The inhabitants of the camp change each other, coming back in shifts. Recall that the confrontation between local residents and workers on the construction of the loading station of the coal mine emerged in Novokuznetsk district of Kemerovo region. The fears of the inhabitants is the inevitability of environmental contamination — dust, which will scatter around the area during loading of coal. In this regard, they need to stop construction.

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