In Moscow declared a storm warning because of the heat

the MOE has issued a storm warning in Moscow due to the abnormally hot weather in the capital the temperature will reach 30 to 31 degrees.

As reported TASS, according to scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand in the capital when the heat above 30 degrees, in agreement with the MOE announced a warning.

the Forecaster explained that usually a large number of Muscovites feel the negative effects of the heat. Vilfand added that this week the warnings from the MS heat will be produced more than once.

According to the center weather “Phobos”, Moscow waiting for record heat 128-year-old. The air temperature at 15:00 Moscow on basic weather station VDNH increased to plus 29.3 degrees, but this is not the final day. According to forecasters, on 17 June 2020 can be not only the hottest day of the current season, but also a record.

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