In Moscow has not confirmed the who findings on beszerzesi asymptomatic patients COVID-19

the Infectiousness of patients with COVID-19 does not depend on the severity of the disease. To such conclusion came in Moscow in the large-scale study of the spread of coronavirus among close contacts of cases, Deputy mayor Anastasia Rakova.

According to her, the basis for study in Moscow began history about 335 thousand people, held in close contact with almost 107 thousand infected.

In the end, it turned out that “the probability of contamination among the people who were in close contact with a sick person, not associated with the severity of COVID-19, the ill, whether asymptomatic or seriously ill people,” said Rakova. Thus, concluded the official, the information “confirms the who findings on beszerzesi patients with asymptomatic form COVID-19”.

the Vice-the mayor, citing the results of observations, reported that the percentage of cases of asymptomatic patients is somewhat higher than that of people with severe COVID-19. In the study, it was found that the severity of the disease in close contacts is directly related to the severity of disease in infected. “If a man contracted an infection asymptomatic, about 75% of cases the contact persons also can transfer the disease without symptoms,” he added.

Recall that over the past day in the capital confirmed 613 new cases of infection with coronavirus.

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