In Moscow started the test e-voting

electronic voting on the Constitution began testing in the capital.

As the portal of the Moscow city hall, voting in test mode is carried out on the platform it will be held until 20:00 on June 19. In the framework of system testing Muscovites are asked to answer the questions, what is more important for the city to create additional Parking in the yards or increasing the area of greenery.

States that become parties to the test may Muscovites registered for participation in voting on amendments to the Constitution until 15:00 on June 17.

Note that testing will ensure members of the Public chamber of Moscow, member of Moscow election Committee, representatives of the information technology Department, members of staff observation of electronic voting, as well as journalists.

Recall that a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution will take place on 1 July. In Moscow will run 3.6 thousand polling stations.

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