In Paris protesting doctors staged a relentless fight with the police (video)

French authorities have adjusted due to the threat of infection with coronavirus celebrations on the occasion of Bastille Day, celebrated on July 14. So, was canceled a traditional parade.

according to media reports, the value of the holiday during a pandemic, officials, including President Emmanuel Macron, offered to make the fight of health workers with COVID-19.

However, the end of the celebrations went according to the unplanned scenario — in the heart of Paris, there were some riots involving protesters physicians. The demonstrators demanded to increase spending on the operation of hospitals, and behaved violently. They pelted the soldiers of the special forces of the gendarmerie of the materials at hand, and they tried to calm the crowd with water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets.

Happening Now : Protesters clash with police at Anti-Government protests in #Paris ,

— Shark NewsWires (@SharkNewsWires) July 14, 2020

the Network, there was footage of protesters being driven a convoy of police and someone from the protesters puts one of the police officers the bandwagon — that is on the earth.

Paris be wildin lol. Waiting to see someone get beat with a baguette.

Protests still going on around the globe. MSM choosing not to show it.

— Femnonymous Cinderelita (@AnonSolito) July 14, 2020

the arrests have not yet been reported.

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