In Perm have detained the journalist, who stood with a picket in support of Ivan Safronov

In Perm detained journalist Mikhail Danilovich, who stood with picket in support of the ex-jounalist “Kommersant”, the adviser of the General Director of Roscosmos information policy Ivan Safronov, who is suspected of treason.

according to on Wednesday the journalist of the project “Fourth sector” Mikhail Danilovich came to the building of the FSB in Perm rally in support of detained colleagues. Kuchma held a banner reading “Journalism is not a crime. Freedom Safronov”.

Soon, the journalist was approached by two men – one in the form of a law enforcement officer and second-in camouflage. Refused to introduce themselves, they invited Kuchma to go with them, but he refused. Was later approached by two police officers and they presented documents. Mikhail Danilovich was arrested.

Safronov, recall, is suspected of treason. According to the FSB, Safronov on behalf of one of the special services of NATO were collected and transferred to its representative information on military-technical cooperation, defence and security of the Russian Federation constituting state secrets.

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